• Before & After

  • 28 y.o. female from start to finish. She is very satisfied with results. She had poor experiences as a young child and avoided dental treatment at all cost. She felt "at home" here at Divine Dentistry, and Mrs. Pam (front office) made her feel important and welcomed from the first phone call. Latasha (registered dental hygeinist) was kind; she was gentle when cleaning and obtaining radiographs. Dr. Jackson (general dentist), then, treated patient with multiple tooth extractions, fillings and Complete Upper Denture and lower partial. Shaccaria (certified dental assistant/instrument sterilization technician) reassured the patient, and confirmed that the results are very nice. Patient is well pleased with results and so are we.

  • This top pic is of my patient who received her complete upper and lower dentures today. The bottom pic is of her back in 1975 with her natural teeth. she was so happy when She cried with tears of joy, "I have my smile back!"
    I hadn't even seen her natural smile pic until I was finished the dentures...
    This is why we are Divine Dentistry.